By joining LHA you can get involved in your local hotel community. Your membership will also give you access to great offers from our supplier members which include attractions, restaurants and a large variety of trade discounts.


There are throughout the year a range of social activities that you will be able to attend, just to remind you that it shouldn’t be all work and no play.


We meet on a regular basis to share ideas and information and discuss issues and ideas that can help in the day to day running of a hospitality based business.


Annual Membership Fees for LHA are based on the type and size of business you operate and are kept as low as possible to make membership easily affordable

Hotels & Guest Houses Under 16 Bedrooms £50.00
16 – 25 Bedrooms £70.00
26 – 50 Bedrooms £135.00
Restaurants All Categories £70.00
Associate Membership Shops/Attractions etc£50.00

A group rate for two or more establishments is calculated by deducting 20% from the total of the combined subscriptions